Courchevel’s very own chocolaterie: Piste Noire

Artisanal production and 100% organic: each hand-made chocolate is created by our chocolatière Florencia Malbran to a unique recipe using top quality cacao beans from Venezuela, Peru and
the Dominican Republic.

Choose your own selection to take home as gifts for your family and friends – we have many sizes and shapes of beautiful packaging to suit all budgets, no matter how small or large!


Our chocolate selections are available presented in beautiful packaging in lots of different sizes and to suit all budgets. If you prefer to select your own favourites, no problem! We can post internationally, deliver locally, or you can collect from the boutique.

72.7% delicate & fruity

A light bitterness combines with fruity notes to create a delicate aroma profile for this organic dark chocolate from Peru and Santo Domingo. Try these : almond, praline, raspberry, sesame

73.3% intense & floral

Organic beans from Santo Domingo and Peru give an intensely cocoa flavour with a floral, fruity freshness. Try these : dulce de leche, cranberry, ginger, hazelnut, sesame

75% creamy & rich

With premium organic beans from Venezuela giving a distinctly rich flavour profile of creamy, buttery nuts and fruit. Try these : plain

Dulce de leche

Many of our South American friends visit Piste Noire for a taste of home! We have a special recipe for this indulgent caramel confection.

Marrons glacés

A classic sweet treat typical of south-eastern France, many of our customers come especially to visit us for our fresh marrons glacés! This ones come from north of Italy. A family specialized over 3 generations prepare them.

41.5% indulgent & creamy

This organic milk chocolate from Santo Domingo has an unctuous creamy cocoa flavour which melts delicately for an indulgent treat! Try these : rise crisp, coconut, raison, salted caramel

32% floral & milky

A quality white chocolate with a fresh, milky texture with floral notes from the cocoa beans. Try these : cranberry, rice crisp, coconut, cherries


Saveurs Extrêmes & Sensations Intenses