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Piste Noire

Artisanal chocolaterie & café – Courchevel

A feast for the senses

Artisanal chocolaterie Courchevel & Pralognan

Artisanal production and 100% organic: each hand-made chocolate is created by our chocolatière Florencia Malbran to a unique recipe using the very best quality cacao beans.

Visit the café and boutique to relax with a large possibility of coffee, organic tea, or our legendary hot chocolate, and taste the daily patisserie, our fresh marron glacé or your choice of chocolate…

THE chocolate from Courchevel

The excellence of chocolate

Piste Noire chocolates are handmade in the valley of Courchevel.
Don’t forget to take home an authentic souvenir for your family and friends!

Choose from up to 160 different hand-made chocolates 


A full range of chocolate


Truly sensational chocolates, all hand-made using a secret recipe using top quality cacao beans.


Something for all budgets: beautifully packaged souvenirs from your visit to Courchevel.


A selection of coffees including cleansing green coffee, plus organic infusions from Alveus.


Organic, gluten-free hot chocolate, thickened slowly for over 4 hours, don’t leave Courchevel without tasting it!

Local, hand-made and 100% organic

A pure chocolate

We select top quality 100% organic cacao beans from Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Peru to create the unique flavours in the Piste Noire dark and milk chocolates, which are available in 75%, 73.3% or 72.7% for the dark chocolate, and 41.5% for the milk chocolate. 

To tantalise your tastebuds and create ever more seductive flavour combinations, we add gluten-free, organic ingredients such as walnuts, pistachios, ginger, goji berries, coconut, sesame seeds
– we make well over 100 different combinations each week! 

Visit our chocolaterie & boutique in Courchevel’s Forum to indulge your tastebuds and treat your friends and family at home with our gift selection…