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Genuine and delicious source of energy, the PISTE NOIRE chocolates are nobly natural. Entirely made by hand, each one is custom made, with fresh products from a great tradition (including 28% to 72% of cocoa).

* Criollo Cocoa / Origin of Ecuador & Peru

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With PISTE NOIRE, the shell breaks in mouth at the first crunch. The flavours are exquisite and passion is delicious. Deep, mellow, velvety, scented... Each chocolate is to be rediscovered endlessly...
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100% BIO

The PISTE NOIRE chocolates are without preservatives, additives or colourings. Particularly rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, the real power of these creations stimulates the palate smoothly, without concern for moderation !
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The secret recipes of PISTE NOIRE offer the power of chocolate, subtlely...The balance of this exclusive preparation, without saturation and without fat added, reveals nothing but the best of the cocoa butter.